Products from small farms that are committed to organic practices and focused on premium goods.

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Our Milk Comes From Small Family Farms

Our milk supply is from Lancaster ECO (Encouraging Community Organics) a group of Amish trying to develop a sustainable market for the organic milk in their community. They are very concerned with soil conservation and soil health.  They also work very closely with animal husbandry and proper animal care.   They only accept dairy herds with less than 65 cows.

A2A2 Protein Milk

Lancaster Local organic milk with A2A2 protein comes from cows that are carriers of only the A2 beta casein protein.  Milk with A2 only proteins isn’t made differently from regular milk. We don’t change the pasteurization process, nor do we rely on additives to change the milk – A2 milk comes from cows that have two copies of the A2 gene in their DNA. Our A2A2 milk may just be easier to digest for some of our great customers!

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