Indoor light damage reduces the amount of nutrients in milk!

So, What Can You Do About It?

Believe it or not it’s the bottle.  Buying milk in a light-protected packaging will help keep the nutrients safe and ensure you get the nutrition you and your family deserve.

Milk protected from indoor light remains fresher longer, tasteds better and retains nutrients and vitamins.

We have teamed up with Noluma™ to fight the Light!

Noluma offers unique solutions and abilities to certify packaging to meet the highest standards of light protection. A
Noluma™ certification means that a product’s freshness, nutrition, efficacy and sensory qualities will be fully maintained
against the impact of light exposure as best as scientifically possible throughout the shelf life of the product. Noluma
guarantees the quality of the scientific testing process and the measurement of a package’s light protection capacity.

What is Indoor Light Damage?

Nutrients, color and taste are all affected after just two hours of exposure to artificial light.  Whether your milk sat under LED or fluorescent lighting on the supermarket shelf or even your fridge, it’s likely to have fewer nutrients, such as Vitamins A, B and B12 than what it started with.

Why Does This Matter?

Milk is packed with goodness and provides many of the essential nutrients that are important for you and your family.  Vitamin A is great for your skin and eyes.  Calcium is beneficial for strengthening your bones.  Riboflavin and B Vitamins are excellent for your nervous system.  Milk is a vital part of a healthy and natural diet.

We make it easy to have fresh, tasty and healthy milk!

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